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Pat Chin, CEO of VP Records Distributors, was one of the pioneers to help brand Reggae Music to the international world. In celebrating Black History (USA), and Reggae (Jamaica) months, Ms. Chin last Friday (January 31), unveiled her own forty-plus historically years of Reggae music compilation at the Jamaican Consulate, Manhattan.

Titled, “A Reggae Music Journey”, Ms. Chin uncovered her historical exhibition from her17 North Parade Record store in Jamaica, her homeland, to her retail music store in Jamaica, NY.

 With a large number of Jamaicans, Caribbean nationals, and music lovers in attendance the experience to explore was amazing. A large audience was on hand to witness the pop-up displays, chronicling the evolution in Reggae music from struggle to success.
Today, VP Records, now one of the top independent record labels helps promote reggae to an international market.



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