Sports Commentary - The D’Oliveira Affair: Sports and Apartheid

By Dale Brown
NEW YORK, NY. Tuesday, July 7, 2020 -- Basil Lewis D’Oliveira was born in Cape Town, South Africa, on 4 October 1931.As a Cape Coloured, he was prevented by segregation from playing with or against White cricketers in South Africa. He was a very talented cricketer but because of apartheid, playing international cricket was not a part of his dreams.
However, his talents as an allrounder were recognized by the great cricket announcer John Arlott, who intervened and arranged for D’Oliveira to play league cricket in England.Thanks to the efforts of Arlott and Peter Walker, a Test player, he accepted a contract in 1960 to play for Middleton in the Central Lancashire League. D’Oliveira impressed everyone who saw him play with his aggressive style of batting and more than useful bowling.
Tom Graveney, one of the best batsmen on the England Test team, was so impressed that in 1964, he convinced D’Oliveira to try and qualify to play for Worcestershire.
The talented D’Oliveira qualifi…


Massachusetts. July 5, 2020 -- The Authentic Caribbean Foundation (ACF) will present Part 2 of its Caribbean Covid-19 Update discussion forum: Re-opening of Caribbean States featuring Ambassadors of the various Caribbean Countries and other community leaders. The Zoom Town Hall will take place on Tuesday July 7, 2020 at 4pm and will be streamed live on various platforms including the Authen Caribe Facebook Page as well as its Instagram Page, Authentic Foundation.
The discussion will focus on what reopening will mean to Caribbean states against the background of the Covid-19 Pandemic as they seek to balance lives and livelihoods. The panel will also explore the impact on the Diaspora. Foremost on the mind of the Diaspora interests however are the level of engagement and action needed to provide support and resources where needed and how to mobilize these resources. The panel will also examine issues around youth development, food security and the trade of Caribbean goods in the state of…

Water problem in St Ann. A letter to the editor.

Dear Editor,           
I am writing to Mr. Ian Bell and Lisa Hanna, to say that Fern Gully has been a top tourist attraction in Jamaica even before either you or I were born. However, the gully will continue to decline as a tourist attraction if water problems persists in the surrounding communities of Colgate and Breadnut Hill.  From as far back as 1989, when my grandfather died, water has been a big problem for these two districts; the pump-house in Terry needs a modern pump and pipes, capable of increasing water capacity. 
The National Water Commission (NWC) continues to do too little, if anything, to improve the existing system. Having no access to a well-developed piped water system, the residents of these communities seek work in Fern Gully, clearing the lush green vegetation in hopes of starting small businesses which seldom result in gainful employment. 
An investment in supplying effective piped water to these communities will simultaneously reduce the stress on Fern Gully, an…