By Aubrey Campbell

NEW YORK, NY. Monday, January 20, 2020 – Hello folks, I anticipate a positive start to the week with your own celebration of the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the iconic leader of the Civil Rights movement.

So, however you choose to, please take the time to pause for the cause. Trust me, it will help your vision, going forward.

Regrettably, I can’t say the same for my beloved island home, Jamaica, which this week is facing its own impeachment!

You would think that with POTUS and Commander in Chief, Donald J. Trump going to trial this week, his underboss Mike Pompeo would see the need to stay close to lend support and, if necessary, fetch the toilet paper!

I know the shit is going to hit the fan, sooner than later!

So, why is Mike Pompeo going to Jamaica for a two-day working visit and what is it so urgent that the loudmouth, interfering, un excellent Donald Tapia can’t handle?

I guess Pompeo feels the need to throw Trump’s rump under the bus, the same way Donald has done to countless others.

Politics do make strange bedfellows, after all!

Social media has been abuzz the past 14 days with news that federal Marshalls are on the ground in Jamaica, waiting on the government to sign extradition papers so they can fly back with their bounty. 

And as you can guess, there have been denials, left right and center. Top, bottom and in between, leaving me now to theorize that Pompeo is going to enforce the case and force somebody’s hand.

Here’s why!

Published reports monitored here say that on day two, meaning on Wednesday, January 22, Prime Minister Andrew Holness and senior cabinet ministers will hold bilateral talks with Pompeo.

I am not so sure what that is all about.

Said another way, that is diplomatic speak to say that he will block any subsequent aid to Jamaica, if the extradition orders are not signed!

Did I hear somebody say ‘quid pro quo?’

I want to give the Foreign Affairs Minister the benefit of the doubt especially on this occasion but she lost me if she is quoted correctly as saying that Jamaica look forward to the opportunity to engage and reinforce its longstanding ties with the US!

What bullshit!

If I sound dazed and confused, it’s not accidental. Mike Pompeo’s government has no clue on how to conduct foreign policy, yet he has chosen Jamaica as his rendezvous for a foreign policy speech on the critical importance of the region to these United States. And his audience will include other government leaders from the region, I’m told.

The news report was careful to say ‘senior cabinet ministers’, so should I wonder out loud if ‘senior’ includes the husband and wife, MP team?

The ‘man in the street’ feels that consistent with recent theories, China, Cuba, and Venezuela, will be high on the Secretary’s agenda!

The China/Jamaica romance is hot and as you know, jealousy can be a bitch, which fits the profile of the USA at this juncture!

When Donald Trump met Vladimir Putin on neutral ground, he whimpered. Andrew has been around long enough but I don’t know if he has it in him and if he does, now is the time for him to stand firm!

As with everything else happing in Washington, DC, you have to view the reason for this visit as alternative facts, and so, I am very skeptical!

Do you blame me?



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