Tuesday, March 26, 2019


by Aubrey Campbell

Host, "The Power Hour"
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BROOKLYN, NY. Tuesday, March 26, 2019--–Like the conundrum that it is, I will never understand politics. The ‘trick’ part I think I understand.

Here it is now that after two tenuous years in the White House, Donald Trump has seemingly turned his attention to the Caribbean region, with the intent of ‘undoing’ what regional leaders have been trying to do for decades, unite for the greater good of the community!

So, how come only four of fifteen leaders from the region were invited to Mar-a-Lago, last week, considering that at a high-level meeting in St. Kitts/Nevis, a couple of weeks ago, the consensus was not to interfere in the affairs of another sovereign state, as is Venezuela.

Spokesman for the ‘Frightened Five’, and PM of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, is on record as saying that the first of what is hoped to be many more meetings was promising, in anticipation of further discussions on energy trade, security, and issues to do with peace and stability within the region.

If Andrew and company is ok with being styled by the “pussy-grabbing”, race-baiting, tax-dodging Trump as ‘friends of mine’, then it’s easy to see why the banter about a convicted felon, Mark Myrie being a saint and savior, has merit!

So, Buju did the crime and served his time and while in prison, educated himself to be a better person.

Now a free man, he is attempting to right the wrong and set the ‘record’ straight.
The contrasts and the comparisons are many and varied, and understandably so, especially for me, who will take the easy way out and say, give the man a second chance.

We all deserve a second chance!

But then, what should the complexion of that second chance look like? Should he be treated like a sinner, who gets his feet washed with healing oil, a saint with an island-hopping pilgrimage, or a savior with a cult-like following, the likes of which, before the Ides of March, was reserved only for His Imperial Majesty.

For sure, no one said it was going to be an easy road! Freedom has a price. Always does!

Such is the nature of today’s politics and foreign affairs, and exactly why I will leave it right there!

Michael Roberts and Carlyle McKetty, two gentle scribes with impeccable creds, were kind enough to share their thoughts with my radio audience (WSNR, 620 AM, Noon- 1:00 pm), last Saturday. If you missed it, too bad!

What was heartening and refreshing is the news that after being mired in a constitutional crisis for the past three months, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel for Guyana.

Good grace that President David Granger and his coalition comrades could muster the inner strength to stand firm against Bharrat ‘da brat’ Jagdeo, whose ‘no confidence’ motion is now being exposed for what it is, nothing more than a barefaced power grab!

He’s got ‘X’ on his mind!

Are you with me?

One school of thought is that Granger’s APNU/AFC coalition should call fresh elections, as soon as the voters' list is ready and as soon as GECom is ready with a trained election day staff.

It’s no secret that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that is hovering over the republic at this time, the kind of game-changer that can benefit every Guyanese, now and in the foreseeable future, as long as the right leadership is in place, from the get-go.

And that time is now!

Link me inside the (Carib) zone or on air, Saturday, at high noon.

You now have the floor!
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