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By Aubrey Campbell, Host

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NEW YORK, NY. Monday, April 1, 2019 --
Tom drunk but Tom nuh fool! Said another way (En Otras Palabras), God nuh like ugly!

See if you can figure out where I am going with this! One word hint…stadium!

I am not a Calabar hater, neither am I a Kingston College sympathizer. In scholastic reverence, my allegiance is to Cornwall College! Never mind that as a big school, we could only tally 7 points for a miserable 22 place finish among the 42 schools that were able to score a point or more!

I will take that, under the circumstance, considering that a record 221 schools participated in this year of our Lord!

I am equally proud that a Cornwallian inspired one of the most memorable moment ever in the 109-year history of the national scholastic championships in track & field athletics ‘champs’, partnered by Western Union.

Congratulations to young Daniel Meghoo, his grandmother and WU. Nice gesture, indeed! Promoting academic excellence and the need for book smarts, a masterstroke by all parties concerned.

Coming into ‘champs’, the narrative was not all that positive. Title sponsor GraceKennedy dropped the baton – Americans call it a ‘stick’. ISSA – the sport’s governing body, seemingly turned a blind eye and the management of the Calabar Sporting Academy said there was not enough evidence to convict, in the case brought against two of their form-repeating, star athletes by a faculty member.

The teacher detailed his case against the athletes and gave the school nearly three months to discipline the boys and nothing happened. No action was taken because to do so would be putting their defense of the Mortimer Geddes trophy in double jeopardy!

Are you feeling me?

Nothing would come between the sons of Rabalac and winning at ‘champs’ and so, after assaulting a teacher, the two senior athletes in question, were given the proverbial ‘slap on the wrist’ and sent their merry way.

Just that there is always a greater force at work and this time it worked in favor of Kingston College!

Purple power aside, Karma is a bitch!

The very same two athletes on which Calabar’s hopes of repeating, rest, tanked, big time, and the rest is their story!

Don’t care how the school administration wants to slice and dice it, students who ‘step to’ teachers, must be shown the door, forcefully!

Once upon a time, not so long ago, when the Minister of Education Ronald Thwaites, referenced such behavior as akin to ‘leggo beasts’, he almost lost his job, on grounds that his comments were insensitive!
As government minister and a minister of religion, he had seen enough of the decay. Under his watch, his teachers were under siege across the country. The many instances of parents barging onto open, unprotected schoolyards and confronting teachers, are well documented!
Whether you run for your school or your country while still in school, is no basis for indiscipline to go unpunished, because ‘champs’ would not be the same without them!

I don’t think they were missed and good for them!

Congratulations to KC and Edwin Allen, deserving champions for 2019. I have to make one final observation. In recent times, the girl’s crown passed from St. Jago to Vere, to Holmwood, to Edwin Allen. It’s Hydel High time now!
Thank you. You now have the floor!

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